Monster Integration - Chapter 3906 Three Months Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 3906 Three Months


I appeared on the disk with my teammates before getting off the disk.

All of us are tired and haggard. The mission wasn't difficult; it was just tiring.

"I am going on a long break. I am going to leave the organization for at least half a year," said Bek. "Me too," added Alna.

"What about you team leader?" asked Bek, turning his ruby eyes at me.

"I too will take a break," I said and walked toward the door with them.

I am planning on taking a break from the mission.

It had been over three months since I had done the mission and barely stayed in the organization for three days before doing the mission.

It was fun and I am not that tired, but there are a few things I want to do.

So, I will be taking a break of around two months before resuming the mission.

Missions are fun; I have received a lot of unexpected benefits from them. Progressing steadily or even faster than I would have if I had stayed at the organization.

Methods are good, but something extra also helps in speeding up things.

I am steadily approaching my limits. I am a little slow on the inheritance, but that is understandable.

It is why, I am taking a break. Focus, a little more on it.

The first thing I did was return to my own skin. Every Mission required me to become someone else and there was even a requirement to use certain elemental powers.

I didn't mind it and seeing it is something I had already disclosed to the organization, there was no harm.

I am not the only one who could do things like that. I have met a few in the organization capable of those things.

Once, I changed back into my skin. I went to shower, before eating while replying to the message.

I have been out for twelve days, and there are a lot of messages.

I read and replied, before walking to my bedroom and laying down to sleep.

I hadn't slept for four days. I want to sleep right now.

I fell asleep within a minute and woke up at dawn the next day, feeling rested.

I stayed on the bed for a couple of minutes, before walking out and freshening up. After that, I had breakfast, before going to the practice room.

The last time I had practiced was twelve days before. It was a few hours before leaving.

I began to practice, trying the new formulas I had crafted.

It is important that I continue to improve and upgrade formulas as my strength increases. If I didn't, it would take me a lot longer to reach the limit.

I wonder how those without alchemical knowledge and enough resources practice these methods.

It would be quite slow for them. Compared to me at least; some might be faster than me. One cannot underestimate the abilities and ingenuity of people.

Though there might be some faster than me, but not many.

The method requires work and is extremely dangerous. Kill quite a lot of people in the first session alone.

Finally, I finished with both of the methods and looked at my meta-scan.

What I saw couldn't help, but make me smile.

The new formulas had worked as I had expected them to. I will keep on improving them as I progress and before I know it, I will reach the limit.

I got up and showered, before laying on the couch and closing my eyes.

I appeared in my core and walked underground.

There is a barrel filled with wine, absorbing the energies of the crystals as well as the energies of the surroundings.

It took eight months, two months more than it had said before it became good enough to drink, but despite that, I didn't drink a drop.

The changes are still happening in the wine.

If it had been a slow change, I wouldn't have waited, but they were big and they are changing the wine more drastically than I had expected.

It is not just the honey doing that, but also the energy it is absorbing.

It is the biggest factor than the honey.

The crystals placed around the barrel had long been spent. This is the third batch of what I had placed.

I looked above the barrel at the ceiling. Where rough crystals are forming. The wine uses the massive energy from the crystals to bring the changes in it.

The only energy it is fully absorbing is the energy of the core, which is a catalyst of change.

If I had stopped it, these changes would stop too, but why would I do that?

There is a wonderful change happening in the wine. Unexpectedly, even the person who crafted the recipe would be shocked.

They might be shocked, but they would also be pleased to see the changes in the wine.

I do not plan to drink it till these changes stop or slow down. I want to see how far these changes could go and what type of wine it would be.

After I checked the wine, I walked out of the underground and looked at my core.

It is vibrant, and filled with plants. One could see them everywhere.

Though it is not peaceful.

There is a battle being fought between the bees and the monster. I was lucky in this mission; I had been able to find quite powerful monsters.

I won't need to worry about them till I am here.

I looked for a while before walking to the library, where I started to work.

There is a lot of work, waiting for me. It would be quite a while before I won't have a formation to upgrade or new to create.


Hours passed, and I was working on them when my badge buzzed.

I stopped what I was doing and opened my eyes. I had kept all the messages silent, except for the most important ones.

"Prime Volsnorth," I said.

He had summoned me tomorrow, and this time; it was not at his home.

Monster Integration - Chapter 3906 Three Months Free Read Online (2024)
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